Building products to revolutionize how neuromuscular conditions are viewed and treated.


Revolutionizing the way arm weakness is viewed and treated.


In 2016, Abilitech Medical, Inc. was founded by a group of deeply committed and knowledgeable individuals experienced with upper-limb impairments.


Here’s our journey.

  • 2016


    Abilitech Medical, Inc. is founded by Angie Conley and has a total of two employees

  • 2018


    Successful development of five clinical partnerships

  • 2018


    Grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH Phase II Grant) and Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Program

  • 2018


    First in-human pre-clinical evaluations with four patient populations Link

  • 2018


    Tekne Award Finalist Link

  • 2019


    Texas Medical Center (TMCx) Accelerator Program Link

  • 2019


    Abilitech Medical wins 2019 MN Cup Link

  • 2019


    Abilitech is the 2019 Tekne Medtech Award Winner Link

  • 2020


    FDA Registration of the Abilitech™ Assist Link

  • 2021


    Abilitech™ Assist becomes commercially available

  • 2022


    Health Canada licenses Abilitech™ Assist Link


Our secret sauce for your powered arm.

Patients intuitively control the motion of their arms.


Teamwork makes the arm work.

Aaron Berstler
Chief Marketing Officer
Angie Conley
Founder President CEO
Dr. Brandon Green
Chief Medical Officer
Abel Guevara
Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Market Access
Gabe Kalmar
Chief Commercialization Officer
Patrice Kloss
Outside General Counsel
Eli Krumholz
Director of Software Engineering & Electronics
Alexei Marko
Product Development Lead
Davie Mendelsohn
Director of Sales
Leota Pearson
Chief Financial Officer
James Ehlen, M.D
Board Chair
Aaron Fletcher
CEO | Bios Partners
Elona Baum
Managing Director | DEFTA Partners
Angie Conley
Founder President CEO


Values we hold close.

We put people first. Through collaboration with our patients, caregivers, clinicians and scientific advisors, we collect and integrate diverse feedback. Working together as one, we build meaningful clinical devices and provide continued education and support to the patients we serve.

Compassion, empathy and integrity drive our mission - to restore independence to those impacted by neuromuscular weakness in their arms. We seek to provide a transformational change in quality of life for our patients, their families, and caregivers. We aim to have a physical, social and economic impact.

Committed to innovative excellence with an agile team that uses technology, clinical data and insight to develop meaningful solutions to substantial problems. We collaborate with patients and clinical partners to transform ideas into groundbreaking devices that drive value for patients, clinicians and investors.

We are committed to generating real world clinical evidence to guide excellence in patient care and product development, support reimbursement, and to reduce the overall cost of treating patients. We are driving excellence in both in-person and digital, telehealth service.

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