Clinician FAQs

What are the Abilitech™ Assist device’s contraindications?

The Abilitech™ Assist is for individuals with neuromuscular weakness of their arms, and patients need intrinsic strength to benefit from this technology. This level of function is correlated to a manual muscle test score of a 2- to a 3+ for shoulder and elbow flexion.

Contraindications include:
• Grade two pressure injury or greater in area that may be impacted by the device wear
• Significantly unstable upper extremity joints
• Unhealed bone fractures in the upper extremities
• Inability to perform passive shoulder abduction of 120 degrees
• Inability to perform 90 degrees of passive elbow extension.

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What determines if the Abilitech™ Assist is a medical necessity?

To substantiate medical necessity for the Abilitech™ Assist, clinicians will document — and insurance companies will review — coverage criteria and requirements and Letters of Medical Necessity on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for the Abilitech™ Assist, patients must have an upper limb that is weakened but still has intrinsic strength equivalent to a manual muscle test score of
2 or higher in the shoulder and arm. Letters of Medical Necessity will also cite a patient’s interests and motivations for the technology and explain why other, standard orthotics aren’t able to adequately facilitate the patient’s desired activities of daily living.

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What makes the Abilitech™ Assist unique?

The Abilitech™ Assist is the only body-worn device that provides a hybrid assist at the shoulder and elbow. The technology uses springs, motors and software to optimize the support needed for each individual without overriding their existing function. Each patient can dynamically adjust their profile with the touch of a button to support lifting of different weighted objects. The Abilitech™ Assist is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.

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What is the Abilitech™ Assist’s billing code?

The HCPCS code for the Abilitech™ Assist is L3999 (Upper limb orthosis, not otherwise specified. Upper extremity SEWO multi-axis functional support assist hybrid device, custom calibrated spring tension with motorized adjustment, shoulder abduction & adduction; includes body worn vest with integrated lumbar sacral orthosis, lithium ion battery pack, all components and accessories, custom fit.)

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